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My name is Amanda, 29 years old from Clarksville: Yes, a lover! my lover is not old. Just looking for a little action in my life, some innocent fun, a person to share dirty little secrets with. Kitty licks sweetheart, heidi.

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Clinton Oh: The big boobs one had way too big boobs, and the tattooed was just distasteful.

Andrew Colin: They all love the IRA and hate the British!lol.

Firebirdgao: Jesus the audio is high in the mix :^

Sun Colreone: Pretty much true lol.

Richythehun: Lol. I already know most of these.

Barb Rogers: When the brasilian guy, appears with the Russian flag beside his name.

Owat Thorne: Futeboooool is just God to a Brasileiro

Liz Sampaio: All of this is true.

Ally Lynott: Can you please do you know you are dating a serbian man/woman when. I am from serbia and i love your channel.

Carla Almeida: Guys don't get it .most women want a guy who has a reliable freaking careee gee

Spider Dog: Where I'm from (Romania), traditionally, the man should pay, but I never let them not split the bill! If you want equality between genders then you put up with both the good and the bad! Plus we aren't in the 19th century anymore, it's not like women can't pay their share!

star Girl:: Dont you like Samba? NO!

Von Morris: I understand this video

Amelie Mileva: He has guts for a Jap.

Trent Pan: What are women honestly physically attracted to? simple, tall, athletic good looking, with a full head of hair.

Nova EnAn: I'm a young polish guy who was dating some russian girls (about dating a russian woman i just watched too but now i try a lot to dating a german girl so it's too difficult for me to do. She behave just like in the vid and. oh, this makes me smile :3 .But It's so big difference between rus and ger womans. i made to much mistakes. now it makes me sad. :

Sophie K.: Wow finally :D thank you so much, I was waiting for this one :)

Gia Barrone: The French was. pretty bad.

Jozef Jon: Russian women are beautiful, they have a beautiful pink color in the mouth and nose zone very beautiful, i dont see the same color in other women

Red Paparmane: Guess my italian man is normal lol. im part italian so i love it

L M F A O: I told them 8 so they can come around at 9 or 10 Sooooo mexican jaja

Anne Nanou: In other words, they are worse than western gold diggers. lol

Whaddup_goose: Ja jeg elsker videoen, den er meget sjov

Aiko Kokone: Another intriguing human interest video brought to you by the team from Dating Beyond Borders. Excellent work guys and gals.

Mr35diamonds: Marina. like Lee Harvey Oswald's wife

Lucoffee L: Well done on the video, maybe for the next video could you do french or Swedish women

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My name is Adela, 29 years old from Daly City: Career, house, ambitions. I just come on here for fun, sex and friends. I am your fantasy. Shopping ,champagne ,soft kisses and all

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  • Western Canada is different Toronto sucks
  • Can you please do White women dating Asian vs Asian-American men ? :D hahahha
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