When Did J Lo Start Dating Casper Smart

Lo Smart Casper J When Start Did Dating
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Jennifer Lopez splits from Casper Smart after five years together | Daily Mail Online

19 May Nicole Scherzinger and Casper Smart dating after filming 'Dirty Dancing' together ? Jennifer Lopez's ex spotted leaving premiere with former Pussy Cat Doll. 24 Aug It's over (again)! Jennifer Lopez, 47, splits from toyboy Casper Smart, 29, for a second time after five years together. They met in when he was a backup dancer . How they met: The couple started dating in late when Casper was a backup dancer on her tour. They're pictured on stage at the MGM. 6 Apr Check out this timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's relationship. Less than a year after they started dating rumors started swirling that and her boo were engaged but she was quick to shut them down. "Rumors!!! Don't be fooled by the rocks Jennifer did not trust him," our source tells us.

When Did J Lo Start Dating Casper Smart
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Scrutinize out this timeline of their point spent together so far: Jennifer Lopez's Love Life in 9 Clicks. Ahead Smart and Lopez started dating, he was her backup dancer.

2 Feb Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Romance Rewind. The source added, "They are still friends though and talk from time and time again. They both will always care for each other because of the history they have." And this should come as no surprise whatsoever. Taking a look back at's dating history. 13 Nov Has Jennifer Lopez found love again? A few months after she and husband Marc Anthony announced they were splitting, the. 5 Jul JLO and alex - getty. (Photo Credit: Getty Images). Since the genetically blessed pair started dating earlier this year, Jennifer's nine-year-old twins, Max and Emme (whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony), have become fast friends with A-Rod's two girls, Natasha, 12, and Ella, 9, from his marriage.

16 Jan When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split in after seven years of marriage and two children together, the singer says it felt like “her whole world fell apart.” But Lopez, 43, credits her boyfriend, choreographer and dancer Casper Smart, 25, with helping her heal after divorce. “I just got out of a big. 16 Oct “She kicked him out because he cheated on her and he got caught,” says the source. “It happened two years ago, and he promised he would never do it again and once he did, she was done.” Recently, the source says “he's been doing everything he can to get back together, working on himself and posting. 2 Feb Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Romance Rewind. The source added, "They are still friends though and talk from time and time again. They both will always care for each other because of the history they have." And this should come as no surprise whatsoever. Taking a look back at's dating history.

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