What Does The Word Verbose Mean

The Word Does Verbose Mean What
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DESCRIPTION: Definition of 'verbose' Word Frequency. His writing is difficult and often verbose.

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Verbose definition, characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy: a verbose report. See more. Verbosity definition, the state or quality of being verbose; superfluity of words; wordiness: His speeches were always marred by verbosity. See more. verbose. /vəːˈbəʊs/. Word of the Day. goldendoodle · Find out what it means · Oscars billboard 1 x Weekly Word Watch: inclusion rider, bronze ceiling, and Kimoji · Superhero girl x Quiz: (super) women, words, and the OED · Rehearse px high x What in the Word?! Raking over the roots of.

  • verbose definition, meaning, what is verbose: using or containing more words than are necessary. Learn more.
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Anglo-American 'reflecting English and American jurisprudence'. Meet with verbose defined as a replacement for English-language learners. Aid verbose defined as a remedy for kids.

What Does The Word Verbose Mean
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Verbose definition, characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy: a verbose report. See more. If you describe a person or a piece of writing as verbose, you are critical of them because they use more words than are necessary, and so make you feel bored or annoyed. [formal, disapproval] verbose politicians. His writing is difficult and often verbose. Synonyms: long-winded, wordy, garrulous, windy More Synonyms of. verbose. If you're verbose, you use far more words than you need to. A verbose book report goes on and on and is packed with long, complicated words that aren 't at all necessary. If a friend asks, "Did you have fun at the party?" you can simply answer, "No." Or you can provide a verbose reply that describes just how much.

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