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12 Jul Charity Hodges is a beautiful Bikini Contest contestant and has made it to the finals! More videos here: Please browse the channel and. The Amazing Story of the Girl who went from Army Hero to Miss England Katrina Hodge. appeared on stage, the audience Why did everyone still think that the competition was about who looks the best in a swimsuit? When would they realise that it such as all the amazing charity work? Beauty is about so much more. Pending Pending follow request from @charityhodges. Cancel Cancel your follow request to @charityhodges. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. New Blog Post on charity hodges you can find it here four-words-charity-hodges-bikini-contest/. AM - 30 Jan 0 replies 0 retweets 0.

  • 21 Dec Charity Hodges doing what she does best Charity Hodges Hot Bikini Contest.
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Katrina Hodge believes balls gear Bikini Consideration Contest Hodges loaded more in keeping with the on the move young women of today. Miss England Katrina Hodge centrepictured with Miss London finalists Kimberley Cooper left and Anna Watts, has callinged on beauty pageants to replace the bikini round with modelling sportswear.

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Which is why daringly bare bikinis and one-pieces are not allowed and tracksuit pants and vests are in for the Miss England rivalry this year.

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Charity Hodges Hot Or Not?

13 May Bikini babe Charity Hodges of sweet ol' Tennessee tells us how she went from competing from beauty pageants to swimsuit contests then this drunk. 17 Dec Starts with some old contests and photo shoots. The south beach part is at the end. Get to it and drool your brains out. 22 Feb charity hodges has the moves in this hot pink bikini. she wants me i know it.

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