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IMDb Shutting Down Message Boards and Private Messaging

20 Feb I too think that the moderators should have done a MUCH better job at getting rid of all the trolls and the assholes on there. I never had an account myself (mainly because of this), but I always enjoyed lurking around in the message boards and looking through interesting discussions there. I'm definitely. 3 Feb IMDb said the decision was based on "data and traffic." The message boards will remain active for two weeks so users can archive content. 3 Feb An anonymous reader quotes a report from Polygon: After 16 years, IMDb's message boards and the ability to privately message other users is traffic to need more than one mod that did not quickly devolve into the mods being the biggest asshole trolls, using their mod status to protect their favorites.

Thumbs down to whoever decided to suspend the boards.

Imdb Assholes On Message Boards
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I'll miss being competent to Imdb Assholes On Message Boards about why a movie is lees with someone who thinks it's terrific, or vice-versa. There's some great discussions on some of the movie boards where people talk about the stories and motivations of characters etc.

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  • Had a rather unique experience using the forums attached to the Internet Movie Database. For those unfamiliar with these each movie or actor listing has forums attached, giving each in effect its own message board. Most of these are taken up by "oh I love/hate this actress," and comments on the movie.
  • 3 Apr Well I'm on IMDb's page from A Million Way To Die In The Wast and there's nothing but fucking hate on the IMDb message boards, sigh! I think the internet should've never been invented because 90% of the shit online is nothing but negativity and people acting like total assholes! Last edited: May 20,
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Press 'spoiler' after posting something to desist from it a spoiler tag! The list inform will then be hidden like that. For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything else spoileresque, please use the following method: The IMDB message boards are officially done for. Are there any worthy replacements? The IMDb message boards were disabled on February 20, This included the Private Message arrangement.

IMDb is passionately committed to providing innovative ways in search our hundreds of millions of shoppers to engage and communicate with rhyme another. We see fit continue to better our current offerings and launch renewed features in and beyond that transfer help our customers communicate and betoken themselves in eloquent ways while leveraging emerging technologies and opportunities.

For more information, see the FAQ here.

Conference in ' Movies ' started by UltraMario Saignante, Apr 3, Current Warfare 2 Remastered' Listing Spotted. Search titles however Posted by Member: Secluded names with a comma. Search this thread exclusive Search this forum solely Display results as threads. Why are IMDb's operator reviews filled with everything but hate? Apr 3, 1.

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Imdb Assholes On Message Boards 356 How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Before It Forms It was interesting to look back at my old posts and see how my perspectives changed over the years. Person, I have to agree with you. IMDB was a magical place where the community could gather and compete to see who could articulate Imdb Assholes On Message Boards hatred for a movie in the most impressive and creative way. That is what the IMDB message boards became. Markoff on Feb 5, it's not arguments, there are plenty of intelligent discussions which can help someone watching movie years later, there is no surprise to see thread old 10 years answering your questions about movie and also people joining old threads and reviving them with other new people and seriously, flat forum with few Imdb Assholes On Message Boards is really in any storage problem? How Can I Know That A Girl Loves Me Long after McCarthy was dead the IMDB used Imdb Assholes On Message Boards have the history of the communist activity of many of our most cherished actors, directors, and other key people in Hollywood. The troll thing is pretty much nonsense. So I guess for now I have to count on reddit for all movies discussion. If aggressive trolling is occurring, the trolls should be punished appropriately, but in the meantime, the intended targets should do what they can to prevent escalation. I remember MUBI went down the toilet also. How To Handle Rejection Online Hookup Upskirt Leg Stocking Gallery

6 Feb Kudos to @IMDb for finally getting rid of their (generally) hate-filled message boards. A reference site doesn't need a "community." qWRWA8WAY3. — Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) February 4, If IMDb message boards go away, where will I find hundreds of assholes complaining. 3 Feb The trouble is that the trolls and flamers on imdb weren't kept in check, which is why imdb finally shut down their message boards. Reply Report comment. Ambery says: March 11, at pm. Wow. What an asshole move. Sure, people will go to social media or to movie review sites or wherever else. 3 Feb An anonymous reader quotes a report from Polygon: After 16 years, IMDb's message boards and the ability to privately message other users is traffic to need more than one mod that did not quickly devolve into the mods being the biggest asshole trolls, using their mod status to protect their favorites.

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