Erik Prince Is An Asshole

An Asshole Prince Is Erik
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DESCRIPTION: Controversial private security tycoon Erik Prince has famously pitched an audacious plan to the Trump administration: Hire him to privatize the war in Afghanistan using squads of "security contractors. Prince, who founded the Blackwater security firm and testified last week to the House Intelligence Committee for its Russia investigation, has deep connections into the current White House:

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29 Aug President Trump's August 21 speech on Afghanistan endorsed an increase of several thousand U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. In so doing, Trump seemed to reject the plan pitched by Erik Prince and Stephen Feinberg to substantially rely on private contractors to do the fighting in Afghanistan. In fact, however. As CEO of Blackwater, the most notorious private-security contractor in Iraq, Prince has his own navy, air force and spy agency. This guy is. Assholes of the Year: Erik Prince 1/ December 28, The fat-ass, lying embodiment of the Bush administration's regulatory policies. After the cave-in at the Utah mine he. Outsourcing the war to private military contractors such as Blackwater has shattered the United States' moral authority and its ability to win wars like that in Iraq. (That it turned out to be such a perfectly round figure indicated that the estimate was actually what researchers call a “WAG,” short for “wild ass guess.”) In

So many batshit Congressional testimonies lately! Prince says he met with the satirize because his Emirati pals said he should, since the Russian was there to visit with them too.

Erik Prince Is An Asshole
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  • 21 Nov Erik Prince is reported to have tried setting up secret communications between Trump and Putin.
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Erik Prince, what a fucking douche bag. Thank you for your service, now go remove yourself from the gene pool, asshole. I would love to hear you explain. Outsourcing the war to private military contractors such as Blackwater has shattered the United States' moral authority and its ability to win wars like that in Iraq. (That it turned out to be such a perfectly round figure indicated that the estimate was actually what researchers call a “WAG,” short for “wild ass guess.”) In 7 Dec Toward the end of the testimony, Prince decided he had had ENOUGH of this quote unquote “testifying to Congress”: MEOW HISS SCRATCH! Oh man, Congressional committees just love being treated like that. Plus too: IN SUMMARY AND IN CONCLUSION: Erik Prince, an all around asshole, is full of shit.

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