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Jedipwntrick: EXCELLENT! What about creating a video about dating WOMEN from the NETHERLANDS?

Issa Belde: Do you wanna have sex? Lol

Larkfeast: This places on the video is like going to new York or California. the more money u show the easier social experiments turn.

Meacomefeyou: My favorites gotta be Russian, Arabic, German and French

Jade Lee: The listener in the brown jacket and black shirt had the sexiest voice I've ever heard. I wonder what kind of accent he has.

Florokinolon: I personally preferr the pale ones! Being with a irish girl could be interesting because its awesome and scary at the same time! (Especially when you meet her brothers! Also I like alcohol addicted ones sometimes, because they can be sexually very experimental some times! ;D

Joan Ruck: I enjoyed this video very much. I am anxious to see other videos. This one just touched the surface. I have dated many Russian and Ukrainian girls. And everything in this video was absolutely correct. Especially, not having a plan for the date! Took me a while to figure that one out.

Don Hezca: You are beautiful like the colosseum at night! hahahahahahaha! Because women love being compared to old buildings.

Novelyn Gerra: So, English women seem to be full of shit.

Pridish Raj: This girl is really beautiful but this is not representative of what Spanish women look like at least in Catalonia. It is pretty uncommon to find a woman with a beautiful and nice body.

Melv Douc: PLEAAASE do french women next! I love your channel and have been watching your videos for year now!

Mo Vanarp: Wow this comment section is just terrible. I didn't realize people hate Americans that much. Maybe we would travel more if y'all were a bit nicer.

Rick Grassi: When the village boy compliments u , u tell him omg u re so annoying leave me alone but when the xlexles from the north coast buys the belvedere in the club u tell him ow u re so sexy and hot and the blowjobs go bicycle gamo to xristo sas

Nikki Foxx: Who would want to date a fucking baby burning terrorist, probably some stupid goyim

Proton1: Do the uk pleasssseeee

M Black: I am not even French but when I saw that food I wanted to barf especially the cheese I eat cheese every day that does not look good

Rose A.: Do you have cars?


Monica Kaja: Che figli della merda

Yuta Lee: My ex-wife was Spanish and a maybe a just a few of those things are true. LOL

U Tuber: All of the girls are basic af

King Taehyung: Worst girl speaking french ever. Real french girls sound so much more sexy when they talk lol

Sal Amander: So they are kinda cunty, but make up for it with indiscriminate sex, ok, can live with that.

Digital Bath: I love these videos. I'm a American girl dating a Venezuelan guy. It's definitely a culture shock sometimes. It's a really fun adventure to navigate though.

Turninator: Do Armenian girls next :D

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Don't you just hate when people are driving right up behind you as if they can't see you? Well if so then it's time you got yourself a reflective patch for your biker gear. And what better one than the Can You See Me Now Asshole Reflective Patch. This cool patch will ensure that these assholes who insist of driving behind you. Product Description. This is a bright orange safety color bikers t-shirt that says on the front has our Poopys and Rte 84 logo with the bullet holes and on the back it asks the person following them Can You See me Now Asshole? These come in our usual sizes of Small through 3X. DSC_ DSC_ DSC_ Exclusive iron on heat press biker patches from Threads United Inc. Patch them up on your riding jacket, vest, leathers, caps, t-shirts or any garment within seconds. High quality and classic biker quotes makes you stand out from the regular crow.

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  • Can You See Me Now Asshole T-Shirt. Our best selling tshirt available in M, L, XL , XXL, and XXXL. $$ each and we ship worldwide. Bright orange and can't be missed. Also available Can You See Me Now Asshole long sleeve t-shirt.
  • "can you see me now A**hole" printed on the back with the B.A.D.D. bikers against dumb drivers emblem on the front. Flame job design repeated on the classic style, % cotton, long sleeve t-shirt. There is a print on the front and back along with both sleeves. The bright prints and quality construction combine.

Clannish iron on zealousness press biker patches from Threads Concerted Inc. Patch them up on your riding jacket, vest, leathers, caps, t-shirts or any garment within seconds. Altitudinous quality and deathless biker quotes adjusts you stand forbidden from the thorough crowd.

Can You See Me Now Asshole Tee Shirt
My name is Eliza, 25 years old from Lowell: I get bored easily so don't take it personally. I'm sweet and caring but hard to satisfy. I love to laugh and have a good time. I like being told what to do in the bedroom, but never disrespected. I like to think of myself as a dirty girl trapped in a good girls body.

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What is sex positive?

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Thanks for this Dr Doe! Definitely some good life advice in general!

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I really respect how you made a really balanced point. Including men/boys beautiful people you need to accept that looks do matter, I think these are all things that people often overlook when it comes to talking about body image.

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This weekend's gonna be fun.

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Ok, are you single?

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Red rhapsody hmm, what the hell is that?featuring menstruation. OH MY GOD! EWEWWEEWEWWEWEWEWEWWWWW! D:

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