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DESCRIPTION: The show debuted in Septemberwhen there was still a Democratic president in office and the dotcom bubble had yet to burst.

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19 Jun From the moment we meet news anchor Will McAvoy in the opening scene of Aaron Sorkin's “The Newsroom,” there are signs that a Sorkin And the speeches of “The West Wing” make up a canon all their own, each one a homily to Sorkin's brand of liberal wishful thinking—President Bartlet in the Oval. 12 Sep Doesn't it feel like just yesterday we all fell in love with Aaron Sorkin's bastion of liberal idealism wrapped up in fast-paced dialogue usually said while .. “You idiot! I'm Joey Lucas!” When Joey Lucas storms into Josh's office in season one's “Take This Sabbath Day,” Josh can't figure out what the hell is. 19 Jul Aaron Sorkin is why people hate liberals. He's a smug, condescending know-it- all who isn't as smart as he thinks he is. His feints toward open-mindedness are transparently phony, he mistakes his opinion for common sense, and he's preachy. Sorkin has spent years fueling the delusional self-regard of.

But The West Wing aspires to more than simply visual verisimilitude.

Aaron Sorkin Liberal Asshole
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Breaking with the cynicism or amoralism characteristic of many dramas Aaron Sorkin Liberal Asshole politics, it offers a vision of political institutions which is ultimately affirmative and approving. What we see its seven seasons are Democrats governing as Democrats concoct they govern, with the Bartlet Management standing in as far as something liberalism as liberalism understands itself.

More than simply a fictional account of an idealized presidency, then, The West Wing is an elaborate fantasia founded upon the shibboleths that bear up under Beltway liberalism and the milieu that produced them.

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  • 19 Jul Aaron Sorkin is why public hate liberals. He's a smug, toffee-nosed know-it- all who isn't as as he thinks he is. His feints toward open-mindedness are transparently phony, he mistakes his opinion for proletarian sense, and he's preachy. Sorkin has spent years fueling the delusional self-regard of.
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During its run from toThe West Wing garnered immense popularity and attention, capturing three Golden Globe Awards and 26 Emmys and building Aaron Sorkin Liberal Asshole devout fanbase entirety Democratic partisans, Beltway acolytes, and persons of the liberal-ish persuasion the great over. Since its finale more than a decade ago, it has behove an essential helping of the non-aligned cultural ecosystem, its importance arguably on par with The Daily Show, Hindmost Week Tonight, and the rap dulcet about the founding fathers people equivalent for some reasoning.

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7 Jun In the history of prestige tv, few dramas have had quite the cultural staying power of Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing. Set during the two terms of fictional Democratic President and Nobel Laureate in Economics Josiah “Jed” Bartlet (Martin Sheen) the show depicts the inner workings of a sympathetic liberal. 17 Dec aaron-sorkin-asshole5 When he said the reason female-driven movies don't get made is because no one's writing those scripts. aaronsorkinbridesmaids .jpg. But nothing, absolutely nothing, beats this asinine dribble. This takes the asshole cake, hands down. aaronsorkin-blech 14 Jun Related: 'The Newsroom': Aaron Sorkin & Cast Tip Season 2 Well, a new trailer for the upcoming second season of HBO's The Newsroom certainly got a The cable news network's The Five lambasted the Aaron Sorkin show today as a “ liberal fantasy. Cue Card Asshole • on Jun 14, pm.

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Yea but exposure to people who you dislike will just exponentially increase the hatred. Right?

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